About SPES Financial

    SPES Financial LTD is a proprietary trading company and service provider in forex and commodities market. "SPES" comes from the name of "Goddess of Hope" in Roman myth, and we wish to use this name to encourage us to always have a positive mind in our trading journey. 

    In many years' trading experience, we kept researching and developing our trading strategies and established a comprehensive trading system which helped us achieve great results. It is not only a return to our efforts, but also a proof of our trading techniques. In the end of 2015, we are not satisfied in trading alone anymore. In order to help fresh newbies, experienced traders, and investors to be successful in forex market, and help us to recruit competent traders, we would like to compile and collate our system, knowledge and experiences into a comprehensive series of products, and share them with the world. 

    As an independent trader, we have experienced great losses and profits, joy and sadness, so we have a deeply understanding about the weaknesses and strengths of independent traders. Our traders have more than 10 years' trading experience and know how to analyse, trade, and manage risks. Join us,  learn together, trade together, and grow together!


Our Team

Aaron Liu

Head Trader and Analyst

Master degree in Investments

Special in Forex and Commodities market

10 years' trading experience

Founder of SPES Financial

Xu Zhang

Business Development Manager

Master degree in Business Administration

Responsible for marketing and business debelopment

​Founder of SPES Financial

Jeremy Weng

Trader and Risk Manager

Master degree in Finance

7 years' trading experience

Special in Stock market

Responsible for risk management