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Trading Internship Training Programme


Trading Gallery

How a successful trade looks like using our trading system

20150903 USDCHF
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20150828 AUDUSD
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20150827 XAUUSD
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20150827 GBPUSD
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20150827 EURUSD
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20150827 EURCAD
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Advanced Training

Though our high probablility trading system is effective and profitable, it may take a long time for newbies to learn and become professional traders, and many of them may fail during this procedure. Our advanced training programme is designed to help traders, with guide from our tutors, to achieve success with higher probability but less time. A small monthly subscription fee will be charged to ensure all subscribers are serious learners. Don't worry. We only charge for service, but all of our great courses are completely free. It is your decision to attend this or not.

Paying Subscription Contents

Weekly Trading Journal

A trading journal of reasonable entries showed in the past week will be sent directly to your mailbox. Each trade will be detailed analysed including making trading plan, waiting for the signal, taking the entry, trade management, etc. This will clearly show you what a professional trader will do to manage a single trade.

Direct Mail Service

Our experienced coach will answer any questions about the trading system from you via email. Just send your questions, better with charts, directly to the email we provided with you, and you will get detailed answers within 48 hours.

Improved Trading System

With years' experience, our team keeps improving our trading system, and it has been better and better. We'd like to share those internal opinions, useful tools, or fresh ideas with advanced traders only, with serious learners who deeply understand our system, and even help them to build their own systems.

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